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Suriname Yellow Pages has continually bridged the gap between consumers and businesses for many years. Matching consumer demand to business supply, not just in Suriname but around the world.

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It all started in March 1996 as a representative in Suriname of Caribbean Publishing Company – A Bell Canada Company who were the publishers of, among others, the Caribbean Yellow Pages. The quality of this publication was so high that Telesur invited us to participate in the public subscription to finally publish a Telephone Directory for Suriname after a number of years.

In the previous 1997 Telesur signed a contract with Naarden Advise And Management (N.A.A.M.)-Consultancy for the annual publication of up to 170,000 directories containing the telephone numbers of what is called their “landline” connections. Initially, N.A.A.M.-Consultancy sought a partnership with the Bell Canada Group, which published most of the telephone directories in the Caribbean at the time. The telephone directories of 1998 and 1999 were published in this partnership Telesur-N.A.A.M.-Consultancy-Bell Canada Group.

From the year 2000, N.A.A.M.-Consultancy has established a separate limited liability company, whereby what used to be a trade name has been made into the company Suriname Yellow Pages N.V..

From that year on, Suriname Yellow Pages N.V. publishes the telephone directory for Suriname every year with a high degree of consistency. For several months, advertisers are offered the opportunity to “buy” a space in the telephone directory in which they can include information about their profession, organization or company at their convenience. The guides are distributed by Telesur.

Where in the beginning the printed version was common, over the years we have constantly adapted to the latest developments in the field of advertising and marketing. No opportunity has been left untapped to provide professionals and companies with a medium and platform to reach their target audience. While there is still a traditional group of advertisers and users who stick to the print version of the data we publish, there is also a growing need for digital services and media to reach target groups. That is why we now also offer our advertisers and like-minded consumers these possibilities to approach each other in this way via our platform.

We are here to stay and serve our customers in a way that suites them best!

Lucien Naarden


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